About Us

About Us

We work and provide legal services based on client needs within the legal framework in Indonesia with the main focus being to provide a legal perspective and a solution for you to make decisions


The professionalism that we offer includes in-depth knowledge of law in Indonesia, Details, Timely and Legal Opinions that can be accounted for, all of which are supported by adequate and extensive experience possessed by each of our Partners. In addition, we always provide an overview and an objective perspective to our clients related to legal issues faced without having to cover the things that should be known by the Client for the next step in decision making.

Focus On Solutions

We always position the Client as a "Business Partners" who not only need an answer based on the Laws and Regulations on the legal issues faced, but also a solution that can be an alternative choice in making decisions by the Client. Because we realize that there are many aspects in the business issue that have not yet been clearly and specifically regulated in legislation and leaving a gray area, in such a situation, a good legal opinion is needed to assist you in making decisions.


We understand that at this time, privacy is a priority for both individuals and business entities. Therefore, Client's trust is one of our assets that we continue to maintain. We are committed to keep all information relating to our Clients that should and should not be known to the public or anyone except with prior permission from the Client concerned.